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Oil Skimmer

Friess Oil Skimmers remove floating oils and fats easily, quickly and reliably from all sorts of liquids.

Our Oil Skimmers remove oils and fats quickly and reliably. Use the Friess technology for liquids of all kinds – whether cooling lubricant, cooling water, degreasing agents or waste water.

What is the principle behind it?

The basis and at the same time the most important element is the oil collector tube. It generates a rotary motion on the surface of the bath, which sets the floating oil in motion. The oil is then picked up by the tube and transported to the Oil Skimmer. From there, it is in turn transferred to a waste oil collection tank. The result is a reliably oil-free liquid surface.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Use your process fluids longer!
  • Minimize your maintenance efforts: Friess Oil Skimmers are made of robust stainless steel and feature highly abrasion-resistant ceramic components.
  • We supply you with prefabricated systems for almost all applications, so you hardly have to bother with assembly.
  • Particularly practical: our systems automatically compensates level fluctuations in the tank.
  • The freely floating oil collector tube guarantees that oil is removed over a large area.
Zuverlässig Öl entfernen dank Ölskimmer von Friess
Oil Skimmer Model S100
Specifically designed for very large basins and tanks with large fluctuation in fluid levels.
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Oil Skimmer Model W40
Suitable for tanks of various sizes with a width from 800 mm.
Learn more
Oil Skimmer Model W20
Suitable for very narrow tanks with a width of 500 - 1000 mm.
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Oil Skimmer Model 1U
Specifically designed for small emulsion tanks and small degreasing plants.
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Oil Skimmer Model 1S
Specifically designed for use in small emulsion tanks, cooling water basins and pump sumps.
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Oil Skimmer Model BS
Specifically designed for the removal of floating oils from small and narrow tanks.
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Oil Skimmer Model WBS
Especially suitable for small, narrow tanks. Innovative belt skimmer for removing floating oils.
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Application examples

Removal of Tramp Oil from Coolant

Increasing the Service Life of Coolant by Removing Tramp Oil from Coolant Tanks

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Ölskimmer im Stahlwerk
Removal of Tramp Oil from Cooling Water in a Steel Mill

Acchieving Process Optimisation and Cost Reduction with the use of an Oil Skimmer

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