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Magnetic Filter

Get the magnetic attraction!

Our Magnetic Filters remove particles and contaminants from process fluids such as cooling lubricants, washing and cooling water or fuels at low cost and without consumables.

How does magnetic filtration work?

Highly effective neodymium magnets generate a magnetic field that attracts dirt particles made of iron, steel and, in some cases, stainless steel, carbide and corundum. Due to the special flow design, the cleaned liquid flow through the inlet port, after which it evenly flows around a series of magnetic bars. This makes it possible to filter out even the finest particles below 1 µm.

You do not need any additional consumables or operating energy to run our Magnetic Filters. In addition, there is hardly any pressure loss when operating the magnetic filter. Even when the filter rods are full, the liquid can pass through the filter without any additional pressure. Apart from occasional cleaning of the magnetic rods, no further maintenance is required.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Filter even the smallest particles down to a size of 1 µm.
  • You do not need any additional consumables to use our magnets.
  • Achieve a better surface quality as well as an optimal grinding pattern thanks to the clean cooling lubricant!
  • Increase the lifetime of your machines and tools.
  • Significantly increase the service life for cooling lubricant.
  • Reduce your disposal costs by being able to reuse fluids more often.
  • You do not have to worry about energy costs or losses. Only semi-automatic or fully automatic magnetic filters need a little extra energy.
Reinigung von Prozessflüssigkeiten dank Friess Magnetfiltration
Magnetic Filter CC
Magnetic Filter that can be cleaned while closed.
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Self-cleaning Magnetic Filter SMF
Magnetic filter that is cleaned semi-automatically.
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Self-cleaning magnetic filter ASMF
The fully automatic magnetic filter. Cleaning at the push of a button.
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Magnetic Filter FMF
Removes iron, steel and stainless steel particles from all types of process fluids.
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Magnetic Grid FMG
Filters particles from cooling lubricant, cutting oils and grinding oils.
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Application examples

Magnetfilter mit schmutzigen Stäben
Magnetic Filters Reduce the Bacterial Count in Cooling Lubricant

Optimisation of Cast Iron Machining using Magnetic Filters

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Magnetic Filter Cleans Coolant in a Grinding Machine

Friess Magnetic Filter used to Optimise Coolant in Grinding Process

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